Broadcast News (1987)

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Not long ago, critics of the Washington Post selected the ten films that they thought could best reflect the news industry. There are comedies with lightness and humor, and serious topics adapted from real events, but both of them reflect the true spirit of journalism.

Girlfriend Friday

His Girl Friday (1940)

This film was released in the United States in 1940. The main characters are the ace female reporter Hildy Johnson and her boss Walter Burns (also her ex husband). Although they have divorced, Walter still loves Hildy deeply. The main story of the film is that Walt, while obstructing Hildi's remarriage, cooperated with her to report the "death row escape event" that caused a sensation in New York. Finally, the two heroes get married.

The most distinctive feature of the film is its intensive lines and super fast speech speed. It has been calculated that the actors speak about 240 words per minute. With such a tight rhythm, Howard Hawkes, the director, has grasped it just right. News, politics and love are all reflected in the film.

Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane (1941)

The film is about the life of Charles Foster Cain, a newspaper magnate. The film takes the last sentence of "Rosebud" that Cain said before his death as the clue, and through the conversation with six people related to Cain, it outlines the legendary life of Cain.

In fact, the film is based on William Randolph Hurst, an American news magnate. The scenes mentioned in the film, such as Cain's provocation of war and his intention to poach all the employees of the competitor company, are almost a reflection of Hurst's real life experience.

The most commendable thing is that the six characters in this film seem to be unrelated, but under the arrangement of the director, they unfold layer by layer like peeling onions, which promotes the plot development little by little.

TV station

Network (1976)

The film is about Howard Bill, the ace anchor, whose ratings are declining, and the death of his wife makes him worse. When he learned that he was about to be fired by the TV station, his mood collapsed to the extreme, so he threatened to kill himself the next day when the program was broadcast live. Howard's improper behavior angered the top management of the TV station. The leaders asked Howard to explain his words and deeds in the program the next day, and took the opportunity to make trouble for Howard's entire news department.

However, Howard did not accept it. Instead, he swore in the program, pointing directly to the shortcomings of American society. This has greatly increased the ratings of Howard's programs. Diana, an ambitious female producer, found this business opportunity and seized the opportunity to increase the ratings of Howard.

Howard's lines are impressive: I want you to get up from your chair and go to the window. At this moment, I want you to go to the window and open it! Put your head out of the window and shout loudly! I want you to shout, "I'm crazy, I can't stand it anymore!"

The film was released at a time when the American television industry was on the decline. The Great Depression made people lose confidence in life. By criticizing the capital in the television industry, the film reflects the ugliness of the intertwined interests and selfish desires behind the entire American capitalist society.

Presidential team

All the President’s Men (1976)

The Presidential Group is adapted from the famous American political scandal "Watergate". The two heroes, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, are reporters of the Washington Post. When they were investigating a case of "five people diving into the Watergate Building", they accidentally found that the manipulator behind the case pointed directly at President Nixon. During the investigation, the two journalists and the Washington Post were under increasing pressure and even directly threatened. Finally, with the help of "Deep Throat", an important informant, the Watergate incident led to the resignation of President Nixon.

The film belongs to the documentary style, without the excitement of Hollywood blockbusters, but it makes people feel a little surging in peace, which is the pride and emotion of the reporter as the "king without crown".

Killing battlefield

The Killing Fields (1984)

The film mainly tells about the US military's defeat in Vietnam and withdrawal from Cambodia in 1972. New York Times reporter Sini still stays in Cambodia to interview. He has established a deep friendship with his Cambodian assistant and translator Pandi. Finally, with the help of Pandi, Hini fled Cambodia, while Pandi stayed there and suffered a lot.

The film is based on the Khmer Rouge massacre in Cambodia from 1975 to 1979. Wu Hanrun, who plays Pandi, is actually an experienced person in this event. To live bravely is a matter of great respect.

Receive and broadcast news

Broadcast News (1987)

The film mainly tells that the news program producer Holly Hunt liked the anchor William Hutt in an interview. But Holly didn't know that her partner, veteran journalist Albert Brooks, had always loved him. Unlike William, who is good at opportunism, Albert is honest and not good at showing himself. As a result, William was promoted while Albert was dismissed. Later, Holly found that William's tears in the broadcast were actually deliberately designed for the program effect, which surprised and disgusted her. Finally, Holly chose to stay with Albert.

The film has a relaxed tone and delicate emotion. It discusses the relationship between personal emotion and journalism professional ethics, which makes people think after laughing.

the more one tries to hide , the more one is exposed

Shattered Glass (2003)

The film mainly tells about Stephen Glass's work experience in an old newspaper after he graduated from university. As he was friendly to his colleagues and his articles were attractive, he soon became a star of the future in the press. However, by chance, people found that all Stephen's manuscripts were fabricated by himself, which shocked the whole press.

In fact, this story was adapted from the "reporter fabricated news event" that made a sensation in the United States in 1998. I believe that this film can also give some inspiration to today's journalists: false, never true.

Good night Good luck

Good Night, and Good Luck (2005)

The film tells about a group of journalists with ideals and beliefs who argue with the Senate against McCarthyism. McCarthyism is a series of actions and events launched by McCarthy to persecute the American Communist Party and other democratic people during the US Soviet Cold War.

The film is closer to a documentary. Under the seemingly flat plot, it reveals conscience, courage and unyielding reporter spirit.

Dialogue with Nixon

Frost/Nixon (2008)

The film mainly reproduces a very classic interview in American news history, and shows Nixon's interview with British journalist Fox after Watergate. Nixon remained silent after the Watergate incident, including the interview with Fox, which was also in the mentality of fooling around and hastily handling matters. However, with the efforts of the Fox team, Nixon finally admitted his mistake.

The contest between morality and humanity, and the battle of wits and courage between the two sides are the highlights of this film.


Spotlight (2015)

watch online free movies from 99reel how to find hot movies watch movies for free Hollywood has many news films, but not every one can win the Oscar for Best Picture like Focus. The story tells the story of the reporters and editors of the "Focus" report group of the Boston Globe, who jointly disclosed the scandal of sexual abuse of children by priests that the American Catholic Church tried to cover up. There is no heroic characterization in the film, nor does it sell misery, but it makes the whole work more stable and solid.

"They have long known about this, but they connived at what happened to these children. It may happen to you, to me, or to anyone. We need to expose these scum, and we need to let everyone know that no one can go unpunished, whether a priest, a bishop, or even a pope."

The prototype of the film is the report that the Boston Globe won the Pulitzer Prize. In reality, the efforts of journalists have aroused global attention, and even the Pope has taken action to no longer shield relevant clergy.





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